A view of Sterling Blvd, the main street of our hometown

Our next Clean Up is October 5th from 9-12! Join us!

The Sterling Foundation began 30 years ago with a singular mission – to maintain and beautify our hometown’s main street, Sterling Boulevard. Unlike other major thoroughfares, the wide expansive natural median is not maintained by the Virginia Department of Transportation. Not wanting the centerpiece of our community to fall into disrepair, the Sterling Foundation was formed to take on the responsibility of mowing and landscaping.

We take that responsibility – that honor – very seriously. We send out annual reqests to mowing companies throughout the area, and are proud to announce that we have partnered with American Lawn Brothers for the 2019 year to have them mow and landscape the Boulevard this year. They have won the contract for the past 5 years, and are so grateful for their services. We also hold quarterly Sterling Boulevard Clean Ups.

Our years of maintaining the Boulevard have inspired us to expand our efforts, always operating under our mission of strengthening and beautifying our community.

Maintenance of the Boulevard relies on our many fundraising Events, as well as the generous work of our many Volunteers. We hope you’ll Get Involved in our efforts and help us beautify our hometown!

A view of Sterling Blvd, our hometown's main street
Why are clean up events so important?

Because not only is litter disgusting to look at, litter pollutes the planet where we all live and harms innocent wildlife. Plastic is especially harmful to every living creature since it photo-degrades over time, resulting in microscopic plastic particles that basically pollute our environment with toxins forever. When litter reaches the oceans, it gets stuck in giant swirling gyres, contaminating the oceans, the sea life that eats it or gets tangled in it, and the greater food chain (including us humans). Litter cleanup events help to rid the planet from these harmful products, and cleanup events where recycling is a priority (like the CTB), the litter is converted to useful products, saving natural resources and energy.

When can I come?

Check in as 8:45am. If you aren’t able to make it then, look for our team on the Boulevard and you can join them anytime!

What should I bring?

Wear rubber boots, or closed-toed shoes you can get wet. Clothes you can get dirty – lightweight long pants and long sleeves are recommended. Read up on what poison ivy looks like. Sunblock and bug spray. Make sure you bring a water bottle! Or, if you prefer, bring a hydration backpack and plan to re-fill throughout the day. Be sure to bring work gloves as well!

Can the whole family help?

Yes, kids can clean up. Actually, you’re our best volunteers!

Each child 10 and under must have an adult to supervise them at all times. Groups of children between 10-18 years old should have an adult group supervisor to sign the waiver for them, with an adult-child ratio as approved by their school, youth group, or organization. Kids 16-18 can attend with a signed adult contact waiver and should ask at the registration table to complete that paperwork then be assigned to an adult supervisor if they wish to participate.

Can those with mobility issues help?

We will try our best to accomodate all needs. The Boulevard is long, and has lots of opportunities to fit various mobility needs.

What do you need?

Your time, mostly! We’d also love in-kind snack donations, and anyone with an ATV or lawn tractor and trailer to help haul bags out.

THANK YOU! Email [email protected] for a sponsorship form (including our tax-free EIN), or with any questions.

Is there a restroom?

No, but there are plenty of local businesses along the way that have restrooms available!

Can I keep something that I find?

As long as you’re not grabbing something from private property, if you find something that can be reused or repurposed, then feel free to take it home. Reusing is better than Recycling or tossing away.

When is the rain date used?

Since we know our volunteers prefer to plan ahead and fit the cleanup into their busy schedules, we really don’t want to postpone the cleanup just because the weather is less than perfect. So unless severe weather is in the vicinity (hail, snow, thunderstorms, tornados, hurricanes, SNOW, etc.), we’ll hold the event as scheduled. A little bit of drizzle or cold temperatures won’t spoil our mission, right? You just need to plan ahead and dress for the conditions.

Does this count towards community service time?

Yes! Get your form and any sign-in and sign-out completed at the registration table on the day. We are a registered local non-profit and your efforts will benefit our environment and community.

Any advice from clean up experts?

Yes! Please check out these tips for cleanup crews! Thanks to the Cascades Trash Bash!

Thank You!