SterlingFest is a celebration of the community of Sterling, Virginia. For 35 years, the event has fostered pride among its residents and the business community by offering homegrown entertainment, food, craft and commerce, representing the best of Sterling and its people.

To ensure that all participants are able to fully enjoy the festivities in a safe, accepting environment, the event’s organizers have made a conscious decision not to permit political campaign activities including canvassing, pamphlet distribution, and partisan organized campaign registration. We also do not allow political action groups, candidates or political parties to serve as vendors at the event. Only elected leaders are invited to host a table to fulfill their duties to the office they hold and the community they serve. They are prohibited from campaign-related canvassing and pamphlet distribution.

During this year’s SterlingFest, individuals observed engaging in political campaigning were courteously asked to cease their campaign activities and encouraged to partake in the wide array of offerings the event has to offer. We deeply value the diversity that characterizes Sterling, encompassing differences in ethnicity, backgrounds, faiths, and political affiliations. As a nonpartisan organization devoted to uplifting the Sterling community by showcasing its people, businesses, and natural beauty, we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing a platform that is free from partisan activities.


Nancy Gallagher 
SterlingFest Chairman