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Sterling Boulevard Maintenance

The Sterling Foundation began over 35 years ago with a singular mission – to maintain and beautify our hometown’s main street, Sterling Boulevard. Unlike other major thoroughfares, the wide expansive natural median is not maintained by the Virginia Department of Transportation. Not wanting the centerpiece of our community to fall into disrepair, the Sterling Foundation was formed to take on the responsibility of mowing and landscaping.

We take that responsibility – that honor – very seriously.

We send out annual requests to mowing companies throughout the area, and are proud to announce that we have partnered with American Lawn Brothers for the 2024 year to have them mow and landscape the Boulevard this year. We are grateful for their services. We also hold quarterly Sterling Boulevard Clean Ups.

Our years of maintaining the Boulevard have inspired us to expand our efforts, always operating under our mission of strengthening and beautifying our community.

Maintenance of the Boulevard relies on our many fundraising Events and mowing sponsors, as well as the generous work of our many Volunteers. We hope you’ll Get Involved in our efforts and help us beautify our hometown!

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