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Wendy of Sterling Park

The Sterling Foundation had a chance to sit down with Wendy, an inspiring and upbeat young lady, and the recipient of the 2021 Sterling Foundation scholarship.

Wendy is embarking on her academic journey to become a social worker at George Mason this fall, however she has been on this path since 4th grade.

Club R.E.A.L. ,which she joined in 4th grade, has provided an anchor for half of her life and led to continued involvement in civic involvement, volunteerism and academic rigor, which culminated in Wendy graduating with honors. The legacy continues, as Wendy has been inspired to pursue social work and give back to her community.

Wendy shared that she reread her 8th grade letter detailing her goals and discovered that she had accomplished everything and had exceeded her GPA goals.

Unbelievably, between all the academics and volunteer work, Wendy managed to launch a small business. Due to unforeseen circumstances she found herself responsible for choreographing her quinceanera dances. The experience taught her leadership and people management skills. Encouraged by the success of her own party she went into business as a dance choreographer until the pandemic interrupted social gatherings.

We would like to extend our best wishes to all our young adult community members who are beginning college, and a special congratulations to Wendy.

Wendy participated in many programs during her time in elementary, middle and high school. Here are some resources to learn more about the organizations she was involved in.

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